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11.07.2011 16:25

Sweets in Copenhagen (2)

The Meeting – Tuesday After breakfast, we went straight to the meeting. Of course we had our surprise for the customer with us. I was allowed to store it in the hotel fridge for the night. At first, the ladies at the reception desk were looking a little bemused, but then they were quite amiable and helped me. :-) I was really excited before the meeting. We had been there very early and had to wait a little while. But that wasn't really bad as ...[mehr]

29.08.2011 20:00

Machines from Chemnitz in Switzerland (2)

Translation is coming soon. Hallo Ihr da draußen, letztens hatte ich ja beim Schlafen gehen aufgehört. ich habe sehr wenig geschlafen diese Nacht und bissl mulmig wars mir auch. Nicht wegen Herrn Kohlens oder der Begleitung, nein. Wegen Ben. Aber dann, als wir uns sahen, war es ok. Er wusste anscheinend nicht, dass ich dabei bin und schaute etwas ungläubig bis überrascht. Aber dann kam er rüber und begrüßte zuerst Herrn Kohlens, und dann mich ...[mehr]

13.03.2011 19:30

Best Wishes to Japan

Hi there. I already told you recently of the Japanese group I accompanied to the “Hygiene Museum” in Dresden. Well, it took a load off my mind when I was on the phone with the institute and I got to know that they are still staying in Europe. It is very shocking what’s currently happening to their fellow countrymen - first the seaquake, than the tsunami and now the nuclear disaster. These are the moments I’m wishing a lot of strength to the ...[mehr]

18.11.2011 18:54

It just fits

Hi there, I hope you are doing all well. There has been a lot going on at BASS. The homepage has changed and all of a sudden our facebook-page has come to live again. Sunny has been busy programming and is giving presentations. Tobias is out on countless customer dates and events. Monique gives interviews and I am thinking about new marketing strategies. There's a lot to do. And especially now at the end of the year. I guess you know this and ...[mehr]

15.04.2011 19:00

Support by BASS

Hi there. Time flies, next week we will celebrate Easter and it seems to me that I just wrote my first blog. But that was actually in January. This week I visited a client together with Tobias. It was our so called premiere. :-) And it was good. We met this client during an event in March and step by step his enquiry turned to an offer of ours. And our offer had to be discussed. This time it isn't about accompanying but assisting. We will ...[mehr]

25.04.2011 22:00

Easter Holiday

Hi there, hope you had a nice Easter :-). I stayed at home just as every year. My parents have a big house with a garden where we all got together – my brother and his family and my cousin with her child. We were already looking for the Easter eggs before afternoon coffee. Miriam was very curious and nervous, and Konstantin wanted to pet the Easter bunny. Unfortunately, it had already scampered by, but he wasn’t satisfied with that. After a ...[mehr]

23.05.2011 16:12

Assistant and Partner

Hi there. Has there been a thunderstorm at your place as well right now? The thunders here are unbelievably loud but the sun is also shining. And when the first rain drops are falling it feels like salvation, the air smells like rain and all tension declines. I love thunderstorms. Anyway, I wanted to tell you about my appointments with Mr. Volkert. On Friday 13th of May I met him in his office like we had agreed before. He introduced me to Mrs. ...[mehr]

29.01.2011 01:47

Star Trek

Hi there. Today I met a client for a preparatory discussion. Before accompanying him (in this case to a trade fair) I inform myself about the company, its products and aims and furthermore we get to know each other better. I’m interested in the way managers lead their company. There is the backslapper way with flat hierarchy and democratic decisions. There is the conservative way with discipline. Or the family-like way where everybody is able to ...[mehr]

25.01.2011 23:26

BASS in Action

Hi there. This morning I took Sunny (Susanna) to the airport. She is visiting a toy fair on behalf of a client in London. He is only attending the last day and she shall organize his appointments with the manufacturers and pick out the innovations of the sector. There are some soirees today and tomorrow where she will attend for socializing with new clients – the whole program. She wrote me this afternoon that she landed in Stansted without too ...[mehr]