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05.02.2011 19:30

Inside the Regional Economy

Hi there. Yesterday morning I came back from Karlsruhe – very exciting and intensive days. Dr. Höhner even embraced me while saying goodbye. She said that I’ve been an irreplaceable help for her. :-) In the afternoon Sunny registered us for a meeting of 270 regional entrepreneurs. And here we were. All four of us. It was exciting and I was nervous. Many unknown people during the get-together. But a class of champagne scared the excitement away, ...[mehr]

21.02.2011 19:15

Skiing and Sleighing

Hi there. On Saturday I went skiing again. This time I was in Oberwiesenthal in the Ore Mountains at the Fichtelberg. It is 1214 meters high but I’m only able to do cross-country skiing. In Annaberg I met Claudi normally doing downhill skiing and we went to the ski stadium. Due to the fog the scenery looked incredible. The trees were covered with white frost and tilted downwards heavily – it was really bizarre. There was also a competition in ...[mehr]

24.01.2011 23:43


Hi there. Today I went skiing. I packed the cross-country skis and the equipment at the back seat of my car and drove to Geyer in the Ore Mountains. There was a lot of snow fallen last night but especially in the forest the cross-country ski rails were well prepared. It was great. Indeed the sun wasn’t shining but it wasn’t cold and only a few people around. I met two blind skiers and their attendants. I said hello and they immediately joked ...[mehr]

05.04.2011 16:00


Hi there. I was in the forest from Friday evening until Monday morning. It grabbed me Friday after work. I wanted to do something but I wasn’t sure what to do and I wasn’t satisfied with me in general. Well, an hour later I sat with my tent, a camping mat, a sleeping bag, bread, water and three bananas in my car driving to the valley Sternmuehlental I already mentioned. I planned to go camping and I had mixed feelings. It was already late and ...[mehr]

26.01.2012 09:17

Sing, little birdie, sing…

Hi there and good morning. Earlier today, on my way to work, I have had some very nice experiences. At first the great cold air with minus 6 degrees, then the frosted grass and cars, the visible breath, the chirping of the birds and - not least - the huge rising red ball. Beautiful. :-) But then I was wondering. It is January. Is it supposed to be normal, that for two days now I am being happy about the chirping? Immediately, I had to look ...[mehr]

22.03.2011 15:12

3000 Businessmen and Us

Hi there. On Monday Sunny, Monique and I attended a meeting of the German medium-sized business in Berlin. Do you remember when we attended such a meeting in Chemnitz in January? This time it was similar, well better indeed, as there were ten times as many people and we could benefit from our experiences and already knew how we can approach other business partners. Doors opened at 5 p.m. It was funny because we joked before whether there is a ...[mehr]

19.01.2011 20:45

A Satisfied Customer

Hi there, my feet are aching. I have to get used once again to the high heels although I didn’t feel them during the day. It was an action-packed day, filled with information and small talk and occasional rays of sunshine – simply beautiful. It was funny that Eva and I already knew the clients. Now the local specialists joined us including Mr. Kohlens. By the way, he is a very charming man of about 50 years, with thin hair and incredibly ...[mehr]

15.10.2011 14:27

One Year - „Connect the dots“

Translation is coming soon. Hallo Ihr da draußen, ich bin mir unsicher, ob ihr von unserer Vorgeschichte wisst, deswegen will ich das heute einmal aufgreifen. Und es ist auch ein guter Tag dafür, da es auf den Tag genau ein Jahr her ist. Und ein anderer Anlass ist wohl auch die Rede von Steve Jobs, die jetzt überall herumgereicht wird. Er hat von „Connect the dots“ gesprochen. Und er hat recht. Wir wissen immer erst, wie sich etwas entwickelt ...[mehr]

18.08.2011 15:00

Christmas Shopping in August (1)

Hi there. Today I may stand in for Jette and tell you about what I experienced this week. Mrs. Bader was visiting Chemnitz to get ready for Christmas with my help. We are joyfully looking forward to the future as we don’t have a real summer this year :-). But let me tell you the whole story: In spring I got know Mrs. Bader at a trade fair in Hannover, more precisely a cafeteria there. She forgot to order the mustard for her sausages, I shared ...[mehr]