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28.05.2011 10:14

Class Reunion

Hi there. Recently I went to the Dussmann Lounge in the “Klein-Erzgebirge”, a miniature exhibition of the Ore Mountains, in Oederan. I already told you before that we take part in networking events. :-) It was very nice again, especially due to the fact that I always get to know and see new things while speaking with the other participants.For most of them I’m still new and some of them ask me whether we do something in the field of music. No, ...[mehr]

26.01.2012 09:17

Sing, little birdie, sing…

Hi there and good morning. Earlier today, on my way to work, I have had some very nice experiences. At first the great cold air with minus 6 degrees, then the frosted grass and cars, the visible breath, the chirping of the birds and - not least - the huge rising red ball. Beautiful. :-) But then I was wondering. It is January. Is it supposed to be normal, that for two days now I am being happy about the chirping? Immediately, I had to look ...[mehr]

28.01.2011 00:20


Yesterday and today we had a training. We practice our behaviour in different situations as well as with different characters of the persons we accompany. I like to focus on other people. All of them do have their own biography and are characterized differently. I will be a reliable partner for everybody. That’s my task and I like it very much. Well, during the training I found it a bit difficult to put myself in the situations and I acted like ...[mehr]

31.01.2012 08:00

Airborne Pollen and the Freezing Cold

Hello there, just as I arrived at the office I had a chat with Sunny. She told me about her night-time walk yesterday. “A cold, clear and starry night, but very beautiful” she enthused about. I was then sitting on my couch instead, drinking a hot chai tea and thinking about the day. It was a good moment to free my mind. Sometimes I need this. :) But now the weather crosses my mind again. Last week I have read about warnings of airborne pollen ...[mehr]

20.03.2011 15:06

Team Meeting

Hi there. On Friday I met Sunny, Tobias and Monique in the office. In the morning I answered my e-mails, clarified some appointments for next week and wrote my reports. That was really necessary once again as a lot of paperwork had piled up within the last time. In the afternoon, when all were back from their appointments we had a team meeting. We do this regularly for knowing how everybody feels. Two weeks ago when it broke up with Ben it was ...[mehr]