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20.06.2011 17:35


Hi there. Some time ago at one of the recent events, I believe it was at the business card party at Bueroland, Mrs. Schröder approached me. She is the director of the sales department of a medium-sized software company here in Chemnitz. Our meeting was quite funny as we first stood side by side at the bratwurst stand and she let me have the ketchup before her. Then, when we met again, we got into talking after her mission as test person of the ...[mehr]

02.02.2011 21:22

Education in Karlsruhe

Hi there. Since the day before yesterday I’m staying in Karlsruhe. I’m accompanying Mrs. Dr. Höhner to a trade fair of professional education and IT. How the internet has changed our process of education and what characteristics do young professionals have? Mrs. Dr. Höhner deals with this matter and carries out training courses. During the journey she told me that companies have to deal more and more often with deficits in the field of ...[mehr]

23.01.2011 01:32

On the Way with Friends

Hi there. Today we went geocaching. I mean yesterday on Saturday. We went to the so called Würzburger Stein. There is a path across the vineyards with an incredible view over the town and the river Main. We stopped a few times and couldn’t believe how beautiful it was as the sun was shining so brightly. The coordinates for the cache were only given for the solution of 10 or 12 tasks. Thus, the IT specialists were in their element. Everybody knew ...[mehr]

22.03.2011 15:12

3000 Businessmen and Us

Hi there. On Monday Sunny, Monique and I attended a meeting of the German medium-sized business in Berlin. Do you remember when we attended such a meeting in Chemnitz in January? This time it was similar, well better indeed, as there were ten times as many people and we could benefit from our experiences and already knew how we can approach other business partners. Doors opened at 5 p.m. It was funny because we joked before whether there is a ...[mehr]

21.02.2011 19:15

Skiing and Sleighing

Hi there. On Saturday I went skiing again. This time I was in Oberwiesenthal in the Ore Mountains at the Fichtelberg. It is 1214 meters high but I’m only able to do cross-country skiing. In Annaberg I met Claudi normally doing downhill skiing and we went to the ski stadium. Due to the fog the scenery looked incredible. The trees were covered with white frost and tilted downwards heavily – it was really bizarre. There was also a competition in ...[mehr]