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29.08.2011 20:00

Machines from Chemnitz in Switzerland (2)

Translation is coming soon. Hallo Ihr da draußen, letztens hatte ich ja beim Schlafen gehen aufgehört. ich habe sehr wenig geschlafen diese Nacht und bissl mulmig wars mir auch. Nicht wegen Herrn Kohlens oder der Begleitung, nein. Wegen Ben. Aber dann, als wir uns sahen, war es ok. Er wusste anscheinend nicht, dass ich dabei bin und schaute etwas ungläubig bis überrascht. Aber dann kam er rüber und begrüßte zuerst Herrn Kohlens, und dann mich ...[mehr]

11.02.2011 20:22


Hi there. Yesterday evening I went to a gospel concert. First I visited the foundation event of the demography network of Chemnitz and then I went directly to the Markus church. It was a great atmosphere, singing along, applauding and swinging. I had a lot of fun. And I had goosebumps again and again due to the phenomenal voices. That was really incredible. The a cappella songs were the most impressive because of the atmosphere in the church. ...[mehr]

12.07.2011 19:31

Sweets in Copenhagen (3)

Departure - Wednesday As our plane leaves in the evening, we had another half day for ourselves. There were no more appointments, however, Mr. Schoene had invited some of his friends. Thus we spent a great half-day before going to the airport. They told us much about the city as well as of the experiences with Mr. Schoene. It seemed as if they had been around a lot in the wilderness already and fought with wild bears. Wow. I couldn't help but ...[mehr]

19.01.2011 20:45

A Satisfied Customer

Hi there, my feet are aching. I have to get used once again to the high heels although I didn’t feel them during the day. It was an action-packed day, filled with information and small talk and occasional rays of sunshine – simply beautiful. It was funny that Eva and I already knew the clients. Now the local specialists joined us including Mr. Kohlens. By the way, he is a very charming man of about 50 years, with thin hair and incredibly ...[mehr]

31.01.2012 08:00

Airborne Pollen and the Freezing Cold

Hello there, just as I arrived at the office I had a chat with Sunny. She told me about her night-time walk yesterday. “A cold, clear and starry night, but very beautiful” she enthused about. I was then sitting on my couch instead, drinking a hot chai tea and thinking about the day. It was a good moment to free my mind. Sometimes I need this. :) But now the weather crosses my mind again. Last week I have read about warnings of airborne pollen ...[mehr]