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01.05.2011 18:00

BASS Unternehmensservice GmbH was founded

Hi there, you won't believe it, but we have finally founded our company. After a tight final preparation week, we were all at the notary on Friday. Tobias asked me in the morning with a very depressed look in his eyes “Do you still wanna do this, Jette?” I was a little bit irritated, but yes! And I gave him a big smile. And there it was, his smile. He just wanted to play games with me. Although that's not our style, it was still funny somehow ...[mehr]

23.01.2011 22:41

A Great Team

Hi there. I’m back home again. In the morning there was a final brainstorming about the future of the company. Well I could also contribute a few ideas. I benefited from the good general knowledge of company structures. All employees are dying for their work and René pays attention that all of them stay friends without wasting their time with pointless conflicts. I have been there and I will tell you more about it later. Thus, I was also able to ...[mehr]

15.10.2011 14:27

One Year - „Connect the dots“

Translation is coming soon. Hallo Ihr da draußen, ich bin mir unsicher, ob ihr von unserer Vorgeschichte wisst, deswegen will ich das heute einmal aufgreifen. Und es ist auch ein guter Tag dafür, da es auf den Tag genau ein Jahr her ist. Und ein anderer Anlass ist wohl auch die Rede von Steve Jobs, die jetzt überall herumgereicht wird. Er hat von „Connect the dots“ gesprochen. Und er hat recht. Wir wissen immer erst, wie sich etwas entwickelt ...[mehr]

20.01.2011 21:12

Trip to the Countryside

Hi there. Today I had my day off and needed it just to relax. First I slept until eleven o’clock then I took a walk. I often walk across a valley called Sternmühlental near Chemnitz. During summer time I like to walk through the water of the Schwarzbach but currently it is bitterly cold and furthermore swollen – far more than knee-deep. And when I was back at the bus stop for going home again I received a text message by Ben. Wow, my heart ...[mehr]

18.10.2011 17:31

First Aid in the Case of Flu

Translation is coming soon. Hallo Ihr da draußen, letzte Woche bekam ich einen Anruf und ich denke, Euch könnte das interessieren. Es war ein Herr, den ich einige Monate zuvor in der Messe Leipzig kennen gelernt hatte. Er sagte, dass er meine Hilfe braucht. Übermorgen.*schweigen* In mir arbeitete es. Was ist das überhaupt für ein Tag? Hab ich da schon Termine? "Hallo?" Ja, ich war noch am Telefon. Und dann lächelte ich und sagte "Ja, ich ...[mehr]

26.01.2012 09:17

Sing, little birdie, sing…

Hi there and good morning. Earlier today, on my way to work, I have had some very nice experiences. At first the great cold air with minus 6 degrees, then the frosted grass and cars, the visible breath, the chirping of the birds and - not least - the huge rising red ball. Beautiful. :-) But then I was wondering. It is January. Is it supposed to be normal, that for two days now I am being happy about the chirping? Immediately, I had to look ...[mehr]

19.01.2011 00:25

The Rolling Resistance Coefficient

That was a great evening. Shortly after my first blog entry while learning the vocabulary such as the rolling resistance coefficient, Eva called and asked whether I can come over to the trade fair hotel. She is standing right now in the lobby together with five expectant Swiss for showing them the town. Chemnitz at night, let’s see. I started immediately and simply forgot to be nervous. They wanted to see everything that’s not “most typical”. It ...[mehr]