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26.04.2011 16:00

Quotation of Picard

"Someone once told me that time was a predator that stalked us all our lives, but I rather believe that time is a companion who goes with us on the journey and reminds us to cherish every moment because they'll never come again. What we leave behind is not as important as how we've lived. After all, Number One, we're only mortal." Hi there. This quotation of Jean-Luc Picard came to my mind during my last blog entry. I thought about Konstantin ...[mehr]

02.02.2011 21:22

Education in Karlsruhe

Hi there. Since the day before yesterday I’m staying in Karlsruhe. I’m accompanying Mrs. Dr. Höhner to a trade fair of professional education and IT. How the internet has changed our process of education and what characteristics do young professionals have? Mrs. Dr. Höhner deals with this matter and carries out training courses. During the journey she told me that companies have to deal more and more often with deficits in the field of ...[mehr]

12.07.2011 19:31

Sweets in Copenhagen (3)

Departure - Wednesday As our plane leaves in the evening, we had another half day for ourselves. There were no more appointments, however, Mr. Schoene had invited some of his friends. Thus we spent a great half-day before going to the airport. They told us much about the city as well as of the experiences with Mr. Schoene. It seemed as if they had been around a lot in the wilderness already and fought with wild bears. Wow. I couldn't help but ...[mehr]

23.01.2011 01:32

On the Way with Friends

Hi there. Today we went geocaching. I mean yesterday on Saturday. We went to the so called Würzburger Stein. There is a path across the vineyards with an incredible view over the town and the river Main. We stopped a few times and couldn’t believe how beautiful it was as the sun was shining so brightly. The coordinates for the cache were only given for the solution of 10 or 12 tasks. Thus, the IT specialists were in their element. Everybody knew ...[mehr]

13.03.2011 19:30

Best Wishes to Japan

Hi there. I already told you recently of the Japanese group I accompanied to the “Hygiene Museum” in Dresden. Well, it took a load off my mind when I was on the phone with the institute and I got to know that they are still staying in Europe. It is very shocking what’s currently happening to their fellow countrymen - first the seaquake, than the tsunami and now the nuclear disaster. These are the moments I’m wishing a lot of strength to the ...[mehr]

11.07.2011 16:25

Sweets in Copenhagen (2)

The Meeting – Tuesday After breakfast, we went straight to the meeting. Of course we had our surprise for the customer with us. I was allowed to store it in the hotel fridge for the night. At first, the ladies at the reception desk were looking a little bemused, but then they were quite amiable and helped me. :-) I was really excited before the meeting. We had been there very early and had to wait a little while. But that wasn't really bad as ...[mehr]

25.01.2011 23:26

BASS in Action

Hi there. This morning I took Sunny (Susanna) to the airport. She is visiting a toy fair on behalf of a client in London. He is only attending the last day and she shall organize his appointments with the manufacturers and pick out the innovations of the sector. There are some soirees today and tomorrow where she will attend for socializing with new clients – the whole program. She wrote me this afternoon that she landed in Stansted without too ...[mehr]

05.02.2011 19:30

Inside the Regional Economy

Hi there. Yesterday morning I came back from Karlsruhe – very exciting and intensive days. Dr. Höhner even embraced me while saying goodbye. She said that I’ve been an irreplaceable help for her. :-) In the afternoon Sunny registered us for a meeting of 270 regional entrepreneurs. And here we were. All four of us. It was exciting and I was nervous. Many unknown people during the get-together. But a class of champagne scared the excitement away, ...[mehr]