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05.02.2011 19:30

Inside the Regional Economy

Hi there. Yesterday morning I came back from Karlsruhe – very exciting and intensive days. Dr. Höhner even embraced me while saying goodbye. She said that I’ve been an irreplaceable help for her. :-) In the afternoon Sunny registered us for a meeting of 270 regional entrepreneurs. And here we were. All four of us. It was exciting and I was nervous. Many unknown people during the get-together. But a class of champagne scared the excitement away, ...[mehr]

08.06.2011 14:00

The 2nd Chemnitz Blues Festival

Hi there. Last Saturday the 2nd Chemnitz Blues Festival took place and we were there. :-) It was great and I took a video for you so that you can get as close to the action as we were ... at least from time to time … because we were working there. But let’s take one thing at a time. At the beginning of April a friend drew our attention to the Blues Festival and its organiser. Isn't that something for you, he asked. And as we love to take up ...[mehr]

25.07.2011 20:00

Birthday with Friends

Hi there. Thank you very much for these great birthday greetings. :-) Many thanks also to you, my dear team. You are wonderful and totally crazy to stand in front of my door at midnight with a Yes-cake, a candle and sparkling wine. Thank you so much. :-) My family was with me in the afternoon. My parents, my nieces and my brother with his wife. It was very laid-back and without any stress. Just as I wished. We have also been at the playground ...[mehr]

22.03.2011 15:12

3000 Businessmen and Us

Hi there. On Monday Sunny, Monique and I attended a meeting of the German medium-sized business in Berlin. Do you remember when we attended such a meeting in Chemnitz in January? This time it was similar, well better indeed, as there were ten times as many people and we could benefit from our experiences and already knew how we can approach other business partners. Doors opened at 5 p.m. It was funny because we joked before whether there is a ...[mehr]

23.01.2011 01:32

On the Way with Friends

Hi there. Today we went geocaching. I mean yesterday on Saturday. We went to the so called Würzburger Stein. There is a path across the vineyards with an incredible view over the town and the river Main. We stopped a few times and couldn’t believe how beautiful it was as the sun was shining so brightly. The coordinates for the cache were only given for the solution of 10 or 12 tasks. Thus, the IT specialists were in their element. Everybody knew ...[mehr]

18.10.2011 17:31

First Aid in the Case of Flu

Translation is coming soon. Hallo Ihr da draußen, letzte Woche bekam ich einen Anruf und ich denke, Euch könnte das interessieren. Es war ein Herr, den ich einige Monate zuvor in der Messe Leipzig kennen gelernt hatte. Er sagte, dass er meine Hilfe braucht. Übermorgen.*schweigen* In mir arbeitete es. Was ist das überhaupt für ein Tag? Hab ich da schon Termine? "Hallo?" Ja, ich war noch am Telefon. Und dann lächelte ich und sagte "Ja, ich ...[mehr]

10.05.2011 13:36

Interview with a Surprise

Hi there. Yesterday I had a great appointment. I was invited by Mr. Volkert, the managing director of a medium-sized company here in Chemnitz, in order to tell him about us and what we do at BASS. I got to know Mr. Volkert a few days ago at an event organised by the BVMW and he told me that he would like to know more about us. There I was with him in his office, which is by the way a very modern, friendly and open one, just like his company. ...[mehr]