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01.05.2011 18:00

BASS Unternehmensservice GmbH was founded

Hi there, you won't believe it, but we have finally founded our company. After a tight final preparation week, we were all at the notary on Friday. Tobias asked me in the morning with a very depressed look in his eyes “Do you still wanna do this, Jette?” I was a little bit irritated, but yes! And I gave him a big smile. And there it was, his smile. He just wanted to play games with me. Although that's not our style, it was still funny somehow ...[mehr]

24.01.2011 23:43


Hi there. Today I went skiing. I packed the cross-country skis and the equipment at the back seat of my car and drove to Geyer in the Ore Mountains. There was a lot of snow fallen last night but especially in the forest the cross-country ski rails were well prepared. It was great. Indeed the sun wasn’t shining but it wasn’t cold and only a few people around. I met two blind skiers and their attendants. I said hello and they immediately joked ...[mehr]

28.01.2011 00:20


Yesterday and today we had a training. We practice our behaviour in different situations as well as with different characters of the persons we accompany. I like to focus on other people. All of them do have their own biography and are characterized differently. I will be a reliable partner for everybody. That’s my task and I like it very much. Well, during the training I found it a bit difficult to put myself in the situations and I acted like ...[mehr]

15.02.2011 21:10

Glasgow Meets Chemnitz – part 1

Hi there. During the last days I accompanied a nice elderly married couple from Scotland. Imagine Mrs. Winter was born in Grüna near Chemnitz. She even knew a few German words. That was good. Before she went to school she left Germany at the age of 5. Her mother was looking for a new future in Great Britain after the war. I admire this vital force, to start a completely new life and to stand up again even when suffering a setback. Now, Mrs. ...[mehr]

16.02.2011 11:15

Glasgow Meets Chemnitz – part 2

Then we went to the industrial museum and I told them a little bit about Chemnitz and its history after the war and about life in the GDR and what has changed since the Reunification. The exhibition was good for understanding as Mrs. and Mr. Winter could get an impression of the life and events of this time. And the part about the industrial history of Chemnitz was also very interesting; I always learn something new when I'm there. After a small ...[mehr]

23.01.2011 01:32

On the Way with Friends

Hi there. Today we went geocaching. I mean yesterday on Saturday. We went to the so called Würzburger Stein. There is a path across the vineyards with an incredible view over the town and the river Main. We stopped a few times and couldn’t believe how beautiful it was as the sun was shining so brightly. The coordinates for the cache were only given for the solution of 10 or 12 tasks. Thus, the IT specialists were in their element. Everybody knew ...[mehr]

17.07.2011 17:00

Our Limits

Hi there. Yesterday I went to the open day at the fire brigade in Diethensdorf, together with Sunny, Monique and many children. Tobias invited us as he is a firefighter besides being a kicker and BASS managing director. ;-) I also met a friend of mine there and after talking a bit she told me about a quite delicate and not everyday situation she experienced while being swimming at a public pool some time ago. And the best thing about all that ...[mehr]