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29.01.2011 01:47

Star Trek

Hi there. Today I met a client for a preparatory discussion. Before accompanying him (in this case to a trade fair) I inform myself about the company, its products and aims and furthermore we get to know each other better. I’m interested in the way managers lead their company. There is the backslapper way with flat hierarchy and democratic decisions. There is the conservative way with discipline. Or the family-like way where everybody is able to ...[mehr]

24.01.2011 23:43


Hi there. Today I went skiing. I packed the cross-country skis and the equipment at the back seat of my car and drove to Geyer in the Ore Mountains. There was a lot of snow fallen last night but especially in the forest the cross-country ski rails were well prepared. It was great. Indeed the sun wasn’t shining but it wasn’t cold and only a few people around. I met two blind skiers and their attendants. I said hello and they immediately joked ...[mehr]

11.02.2011 20:22


Hi there. Yesterday evening I went to a gospel concert. First I visited the foundation event of the demography network of Chemnitz and then I went directly to the Markus church. It was a great atmosphere, singing along, applauding and swinging. I had a lot of fun. And I had goosebumps again and again due to the phenomenal voices. That was really incredible. The a cappella songs were the most impressive because of the atmosphere in the church. ...[mehr]

10.05.2011 13:36

Interview with a Surprise

Hi there. Yesterday I had a great appointment. I was invited by Mr. Volkert, the managing director of a medium-sized company here in Chemnitz, in order to tell him about us and what we do at BASS. I got to know Mr. Volkert a few days ago at an event organised by the BVMW and he told me that he would like to know more about us. There I was with him in his office, which is by the way a very modern, friendly and open one, just like his company. ...[mehr]

30.01.2011 13:53


It is about 10 years ago that I left school. And almost every year I visit the open day looking for the teachers, remembering, meeting familiar faces and seeing changes. As I entered, there were a lot of people - youths but also adults being younger than me. I don’t know many people having left school in the 9 years after me. Then I was inside. The substitute plan is still located at the same place. I walked through the school with its ...[mehr]

28.08.2011 20:51

Machines from Chemnitz in Switzerland (1)

Translation is coming soon. Hallo Ihr da draußen, vor einigen Tagen rief mich Eva Reske an. Da war ich vielleicht erstaunt, das glaubt Ihr nicht. Könnt Ihr euch noch an sie erinnern? Sie ist die rechte Hand von Herrn Kohlens. Bei ihm hatte ich meinem ersten Einsatz und damals auch Ben kennen gelernt. *zurückerinner* Sie fragte, wie es mir geht. Und sie berichtete mir ganz stolz, dass sie immer mal auf unsere Seite schaut und sich über jeden ...[mehr]