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28.08.2011 20:51

Machines from Chemnitz in Switzerland (1)

Translation is coming soon. Hallo Ihr da draußen, vor einigen Tagen rief mich Eva Reske an. Da war ich vielleicht erstaunt, das glaubt Ihr nicht. Könnt Ihr euch noch an sie erinnern? Sie ist die rechte Hand von Herrn Kohlens. Bei ihm hatte ich meinem ersten Einsatz und damals auch Ben kennen gelernt. *zurückerinner* Sie fragte, wie es mir geht. Und sie berichtete mir ganz stolz, dass sie immer mal auf unsere Seite schaut und sich über jeden ...[mehr]

18.08.2011 15:00

Christmas Shopping in August (1)

Hi there. Today I may stand in for Jette and tell you about what I experienced this week. Mrs. Bader was visiting Chemnitz to get ready for Christmas with my help. We are joyfully looking forward to the future as we don’t have a real summer this year :-). But let me tell you the whole story: In spring I got know Mrs. Bader at a trade fair in Hannover, more precisely a cafeteria there. She forgot to order the mustard for her sausages, I shared ...[mehr]

02.07.2011 15:00

New Ways to Success

Hi there. Sometimes I wish that the shops would be open here even on Sundays as well. Have you also ever thought of that? Because Saturday is my lazy day. I sleep late and simply live my own rhythm. Well ... I really need something like that after an exhausting week with lots of appointments and events. And I enjoy every minute. Especially the silence in my flat – wonderful. :-)And this time I also need the power as things do go on - on Monday ...[mehr]

25.04.2011 22:00

Easter Holiday

Hi there, hope you had a nice Easter :-). I stayed at home just as every year. My parents have a big house with a garden where we all got together – my brother and his family and my cousin with her child. We were already looking for the Easter eggs before afternoon coffee. Miriam was very curious and nervous, and Konstantin wanted to pet the Easter bunny. Unfortunately, it had already scampered by, but he wasn’t satisfied with that. After a ...[mehr]

20.08.2011 16:52

Christmas Shopping in August (2)

Hi there. On Wednesday I started immediately after breakfast. I picked up Mrs. Bader at the hotel and we took the train to Dresden. I like Dresden very much but I like it even more to go by train to Dresden. The rail journey alone makes the trip so beautiful and worth the journey. Mrs. Bader was eager to visit the Dresden Frauenkirche and thus this was our main destination. First we walked around the church, then we went inside and afterwards we ...[mehr]

16.02.2011 11:15

Glasgow Meets Chemnitz – part 2

Then we went to the industrial museum and I told them a little bit about Chemnitz and its history after the war and about life in the GDR and what has changed since the Reunification. The exhibition was good for understanding as Mrs. and Mr. Winter could get an impression of the life and events of this time. And the part about the industrial history of Chemnitz was also very interesting; I always learn something new when I'm there. After a small ...[mehr]

09.02.2012 08:00

Experiences on a Fair

Hi there, today I am here for Juliette as she has quite a lot to do. We haven't really seen her lately due to her numerous appointments with customers, so maybe we would't even recognise her if we saw her. ;-) I would like to tell you about my visit to Dresden on Friday. I was on the KarriereStart 2012. This is a fair for pupils and students who want to get more information about their future professional life and its possibilities. The fair ...[mehr]