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Sing, little birdie, sing…

26.01.2012 09:17

Hi there and good morning. Earlier today, on my way to work, I have had some very nice experiences. At first the great cold air with minus 6 degrees, then the frosted grass and cars, the visible breath, the chirping of the birds and - not least - the huge rising red ball. Beautiful. :-)

But then I was wondering. It is January. Is it supposed to be normal, that for two days now I am being happy about the chirping?

Immediately, I had to look this up and really, the birds who are supposed to sing in March can be heard now already. ( This is really strange, what is happening with the nature right now. But then it seems not to be so bad as irregularities and mood changes are not exclusive to the human existence. ;-)

Having this in mind, I am happy about the sunshine and the life out there in the garden.

I wish you a great day.