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05.04.2011 16:00


Hi there. I was in the forest from Friday evening until Monday morning. It grabbed me Friday after work. I wanted to do something but I wasn’t sure what to do and I wasn’t satisfied with me in general. Well, an hour later I sat with my tent, a camping mat, a sleeping bag, bread, water and three bananas in my car driving to the valley Sternmuehlental I already mentioned. I planned to go camping and I had mixed feelings. It was already late and ...[mehr]

12.07.2011 19:31

Sweets in Copenhagen (3)

Departure - Wednesday As our plane leaves in the evening, we had another half day for ourselves. There were no more appointments, however, Mr. Schoene had invited some of his friends. Thus we spent a great half-day before going to the airport. They told us much about the city as well as of the experiences with Mr. Schoene. It seemed as if they had been around a lot in the wilderness already and fought with wild bears. Wow. I couldn't help but ...[mehr]

25.04.2011 22:00

Easter Holiday

Hi there, hope you had a nice Easter :-). I stayed at home just as every year. My parents have a big house with a garden where we all got together – my brother and his family and my cousin with her child. We were already looking for the Easter eggs before afternoon coffee. Miriam was very curious and nervous, and Konstantin wanted to pet the Easter bunny. Unfortunately, it had already scampered by, but he wasn’t satisfied with that. After a ...[mehr]

18.01.2011 19:57

My First Day

Hi there, my name is Juliette, I’m 28 years old, single and have no children :-) One could say that I’m a virtual combination of the members of our team. I’m writing about our experiences and our life. You surely understand that I won't use the original names of persons and companies. Certainly it will be very exiting and funny, and sometimes even emotional. I’m very excited because tomorrow I will have my first appointment :-) Mr. Kohlens is ...[mehr]

29.08.2011 20:00

Machines from Chemnitz in Switzerland (2)

Translation is coming soon. Hallo Ihr da draußen, letztens hatte ich ja beim Schlafen gehen aufgehört. ich habe sehr wenig geschlafen diese Nacht und bissl mulmig wars mir auch. Nicht wegen Herrn Kohlens oder der Begleitung, nein. Wegen Ben. Aber dann, als wir uns sahen, war es ok. Er wusste anscheinend nicht, dass ich dabei bin und schaute etwas ungläubig bis überrascht. Aber dann kam er rüber und begrüßte zuerst Herrn Kohlens, und dann mich ...[mehr]

20.08.2011 16:52

Christmas Shopping in August (2)

Hi there. On Wednesday I started immediately after breakfast. I picked up Mrs. Bader at the hotel and we took the train to Dresden. I like Dresden very much but I like it even more to go by train to Dresden. The rail journey alone makes the trip so beautiful and worth the journey. Mrs. Bader was eager to visit the Dresden Frauenkirche and thus this was our main destination. First we walked around the church, then we went inside and afterwards we ...[mehr]