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02.02.2011 21:22

Education in Karlsruhe

Hi there. Since the day before yesterday I’m staying in Karlsruhe. I’m accompanying Mrs. Dr. Höhner to a trade fair of professional education and IT. How the internet has changed our process of education and what characteristics do young professionals have? Mrs. Dr. Höhner deals with this matter and carries out training courses. During the journey she told me that companies have to deal more and more often with deficits in the field of ...[mehr]

28.05.2011 10:14

Class Reunion

Hi there. Recently I went to the Dussmann Lounge in the “Klein-Erzgebirge”, a miniature exhibition of the Ore Mountains, in Oederan. I already told you before that we take part in networking events. :-) It was very nice again, especially due to the fact that I always get to know and see new things while speaking with the other participants.For most of them I’m still new and some of them ask me whether we do something in the field of music. No, ...[mehr]

28.01.2011 00:20


Yesterday and today we had a training. We practice our behaviour in different situations as well as with different characters of the persons we accompany. I like to focus on other people. All of them do have their own biography and are characterized differently. I will be a reliable partner for everybody. That’s my task and I like it very much. Well, during the training I found it a bit difficult to put myself in the situations and I acted like ...[mehr]

18.01.2011 19:57

My First Day

Hi there, my name is Juliette, I’m 28 years old, single and have no children :-) One could say that I’m a virtual combination of the members of our team. I’m writing about our experiences and our life. You surely understand that I won't use the original names of persons and companies. Certainly it will be very exiting and funny, and sometimes even emotional. I’m very excited because tomorrow I will have my first appointment :-) Mr. Kohlens is ...[mehr]

05.02.2011 19:30

Inside the Regional Economy

Hi there. Yesterday morning I came back from Karlsruhe – very exciting and intensive days. Dr. Höhner even embraced me while saying goodbye. She said that I’ve been an irreplaceable help for her. :-) In the afternoon Sunny registered us for a meeting of 270 regional entrepreneurs. And here we were. All four of us. It was exciting and I was nervous. Many unknown people during the get-together. But a class of champagne scared the excitement away, ...[mehr]

11.07.2011 16:25

Sweets in Copenhagen (2)

The Meeting – Tuesday After breakfast, we went straight to the meeting. Of course we had our surprise for the customer with us. I was allowed to store it in the hotel fridge for the night. At first, the ladies at the reception desk were looking a little bemused, but then they were quite amiable and helped me. :-) I was really excited before the meeting. We had been there very early and had to wait a little while. But that wasn't really bad as ...[mehr]

12.07.2011 19:31

Sweets in Copenhagen (3)

Departure - Wednesday As our plane leaves in the evening, we had another half day for ourselves. There were no more appointments, however, Mr. Schoene had invited some of his friends. Thus we spent a great half-day before going to the airport. They told us much about the city as well as of the experiences with Mr. Schoene. It seemed as if they had been around a lot in the wilderness already and fought with wild bears. Wow. I couldn't help but ...[mehr]

29.01.2011 01:47

Star Trek

Hi there. Today I met a client for a preparatory discussion. Before accompanying him (in this case to a trade fair) I inform myself about the company, its products and aims and furthermore we get to know each other better. I’m interested in the way managers lead their company. There is the backslapper way with flat hierarchy and democratic decisions. There is the conservative way with discipline. Or the family-like way where everybody is able to ...[mehr]

28.03.2011 22:00

SOS – A Spontaneous Call

Hi there. I'm afraid I have been remiss in writing lately. Last week was like jet set again. Sunny said on Friday that she couldn’t believe that it’s already Friday again as time flew so quickly. You already know about Monday. And it went just this way. Tobias and Sunny had their calendars full with further regional networking events and I had another assignment. It was very unexpected and spontaneous but also very pleasant and nice. :-) During ...[mehr]