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Christmas Shopping in August (1)

18.08.2011 15:00

Hi there. Today I may stand in for Jette and tell you about what I experienced this week. Mrs. Bader was visiting Chemnitz to get ready for Christmas with my help. We are joyfully looking forward to the future as we don’t have a real summer this year :-).

But let me tell you the whole story: In spring I got know Mrs. Bader at a trade fair in Hannover, more precisely a cafeteria there. She forgot to order the mustard for her sausages, I shared mine with her and we started talking. Mrs. Bader lives in Hannover and she’s the head of a business consulting company. She already visited a lot of countries worldwide, she told me, however, that she had never been to Saxony. Reasons enough for me to invite her to an expedition to Chemnitz, Dresden and the Ore Mountains. When I mentioned the Ore Mountains she started to smile and told me that one of her longtime Christmas wishes is to get an original candle arch from the Ore Mountains. But until now it never happened. “No problem”, I told her, “When you come to visit us we will find the right arch for you.”

Last Tuesday was finally the day that she followed to my invitation. When all her clients are on holiday she can also take some time for herself. :-) I picked her up at the train station, on schedule for a second breakfast. While having a croissant filled with chocolate and a cup of coffee we went through everything again of what we had planned. Quite a lot for one and a half days.

We started with a short sightseeing tour in Chemnitz. I'd better say: I gave her a short overview as time was short and the mission “candle arch” was still waiting for us. Thus, we visited some beautiful places and we made a few short rounds around the “Kassberg” as Mrs. Bader enjoyed it that much. All the old houses, the trees, the life there ... I also like this area very much. Then we ate some pasta at Ronny’s restaurant. While Mrs. Bader was still thinking about the skaters in front of the Karl-Marx monument, I already drove with her to the mountains.

In Geyer we stopped for the first time as I wanted to show her the region from the top of a mountain and the Greifensteine are the perfect place for this. Just in time the sun started to shine through the clouds so that we had a wonderful view. Unfortunately we could not see anything at the close-by natural stage which was empty – no artist at all. But as I wanted to present something to Mrs. Bader I entered the stage and recited the poem “Das große Lalula” written by Christian Morgenstern. She was very impressed about it as the text was so complicated and thus we had a nice talk during our journey to Seiffen. There we planned to find the perfect candle arch for Mrs. Bader and I was prepared for a long and exciting search. But we already found something in the first shop. Together with a smiling and satisfied Mrs. Bader I walked through the town. We visited the toy museum and watched a huge teddy bear. She mentioned again and again how lucky she was with her new candle arch. Our feet got more and more tired and we decided to drive back to Chemnitz to her hotel. Her eyes started to shine once more when she saw the open air cinema directly next to her hotel. While watching “The Way Back” and eating a bag of chips we enjoyed the evening and looked forward to Wednesday.

Yours Tobias.