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11.07.2011 16:25

The Meeting – Tuesday
After breakfast, we went straight to the meeting. Of course we had our surprise for the customer with us. I was allowed to store it in the hotel fridge for the night. At first, the ladies at the reception desk were looking a little bemused, but then they were quite amiable and helped me. :-) I was really excited before the meeting. We had been there very early and had to wait a little while. But that wasn't really bad as the waiting area was set up very nice with display boards about special projects and the history of the company. That helped me to compose myself a little.
And then it started. The assistant brought plates and forks with her. And I broke the ice already when I fetched the large cake knife. Wow. Well, don't be afraid, I am cautious. Of course, the question came up how I was allowed to fly with that. I explained that this was no problem as the knife was safely stored in the baggage. :-) Oh yes, well. :-) And they have never received such a present yet. Actually, they are not supposed to accept any presents at all, but well … And then they ate with full pleasure. Afterwards, the talks were much more balanced, questions were settled and solutions discussed. And I believe in the end that the customer wanted Mr. Schoene unconditionally. The financing has to be solved, but there are ways and means. By the way, that's what he said while he ate his second piece of cake very slowly and with indulgence.
I was satisfied. Mr. Schoene as well. And the customer apparently too. Because then, when we had almost left, a man who had also been at the meeting came running behind us and offered us a tour through Copenhagen. I was happily surprised and accepted. Mr. Schoene thought it a great idea, however, he already knows the city very well and preferred to relax a little. Having a good fish together with a glass of wine and sort his thoughts. At the port, I met Helge Christiansen. Before having dinner, he showed me the statue of the little mermaid, as it were the landmark of the city. And the ways that her eyes looked to the docks we went along the harbour. Passing Amalienborg Palace, walking through some alleyways. Having a glass of beer, Carlsberg of course, in one of the pubs at Nyhavn and then walking further towards Rosenborg Castle and then to the Tivoli. My eyes were shining. Twilight was already beginning, when we arrived, just in time to get an idea of how the illumination of the world-famous leisure park looks like at night. But we didn't go in there, because it was already to late, said Helge. Instead he told me about his great experiences in the park. I really have to try it next time when I'm here.
The evening was quite long and I would really like to list you all the places we had seen, but that would be far too much for this blog. It had definitely been wonderful and luckily the weather was kind to us. A mild night in Copenhagen with pleasant talks and having seen one of the most wonderful cities of Europe from a different point of view as in the usual tourist-tours.
When Helge brought me back to the hotel at 1 o'clock in the morning, memories of Ben and how it was with him came back to me again. There it also started with a slightly different city tour. And here as well, it has not been that easy, as Helge is a really likeable guy. We hugged farewell and said “Godnat” to me. It would really have been fatal if we had not talked about some vocabulary. ;-) With a smile on my face I went to my room. A great evening.

Bye, Juliette.