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Skiing and Sleighing

21.02.2011 19:15

Hi there. On Saturday I went skiing again. This time I was in Oberwiesenthal in the Ore Mountains at the Fichtelberg. It is 1214 meters high but I’m only able to do cross-country skiing. In Annaberg I met Claudi normally doing downhill skiing and we went to the ski stadium. Due to the fog the scenery looked incredible. The trees were covered with white frost and tilted downwards heavily – it was really bizarre. There was also a competition in the stadium but we didn’t see anything. Only some excited children’s voices pervaded the fog. We skied for about four hours. On our way we met a woman who told us that she hadn't skied for many years so that she carried her skis downhill. Great that she had the courage to do it nevertheless. :-)

On Friday I translated a manual into English – about wooden sleighs. Tomorrow I will be in Budweis with Mr. Freede. Budweis is located in the Czech Republic and we will visit a manufacturer having built sleighs formerly. Now he wants to try it again with the help of a company situated in Geschwenda in the Thuringian Forest. Unfortunately I can’t speak Czech but I heard that all young people speak English there.
I’m very excited and what will I bring along with me from Budweis? A bottle of Beer - for sure. :-) Cheers, guys.