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Birthday with Friends

25.07.2011 20:00

Hi there. Thank you very much for these great birthday greetings. :-) Many thanks also to you, my dear team. You are wonderful and totally crazy to stand in front of my door at midnight with a Yes-cake, a candle and sparkling wine. Thank you so much. :-)

My family was with me in the afternoon. My parents, my nieces and my brother with his wife. It was very laid-back and without any stress. Just as I wished. We have also been at the playground next to the Schiersandstraße. The wind was blowing and I was happy with all these small and big people playing and having fun there, although I was sitting on top of the goal and only watching from there. I had some effort to come up there, but Miriam and Laura gave me hints and cheered for me. ;-)

In the evening, when all were gone, I drove to the shopping mall Sachsen-Allee and met with Sunny and Monique on the roof, the topmost parking deck. The view was fantastic and simply breathtaking. The sun was gone, the sky had turned dark-blue with scattered cloud lines. As if silence settles onto the city. And then the first star was blinking already.

It was great to talk to them and have a look across the city. From our point of view the mount Kaßberg didn't look that mountainous as it feels when I'm cycling up the Michaelstraße. :-)

Take care.
Bye, Juliette.