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29.08.2011 20:00

Machines from Chemnitz in Switzerland (2)

Translation is coming soon. Hallo Ihr da draußen, letztens hatte ich ja beim Schlafen gehen aufgehört. ich habe sehr wenig geschlafen diese Nacht und bissl mulmig wars mir auch. Nicht wegen Herrn Kohlens oder der Begleitung, nein. Wegen Ben. Aber dann, als wir uns sahen, war es ok. Er wusste anscheinend nicht, dass ich dabei bin und schaute etwas ungläubig bis überrascht. Aber dann kam er rüber und begrüßte zuerst Herrn Kohlens, und dann mich ...[mehr]

08.06.2011 14:00

The 2nd Chemnitz Blues Festival

Hi there. Last Saturday the 2nd Chemnitz Blues Festival took place and we were there. :-) It was great and I took a video for you so that you can get as close to the action as we were ... at least from time to time … because we were working there. But let’s take one thing at a time. At the beginning of April a friend drew our attention to the Blues Festival and its organiser. Isn't that something for you, he asked. And as we love to take up ...[mehr]

19.01.2011 20:45

A Satisfied Customer

Hi there, my feet are aching. I have to get used once again to the high heels although I didn’t feel them during the day. It was an action-packed day, filled with information and small talk and occasional rays of sunshine – simply beautiful. It was funny that Eva and I already knew the clients. Now the local specialists joined us including Mr. Kohlens. By the way, he is a very charming man of about 50 years, with thin hair and incredibly ...[mehr]

17.03.2011 21:58

A Day Trip to Brussels

Hi there. This week was crazy. :-) As I already told you on Sunday the next appointment took place this week. On Monday I met with Mr. Morgenroth in the coffee house Michaelis near the Düsseldorfer Platz. This was the best thing for me as I would never have survived a factory tour with my muscle ache caused by rollerblading. Mr. Morgenroth is a nice man, jovial and a bit greying but a specialist in his field. He’s the managing director of a ...[mehr]

10.04.2011 21:30

In Good Company

Hi there, hope you had a nice weekend like me. We just had a barbecue at my parents’ home. Dad was also there and my two nieces. They pretty romped around. :-) They told me that there’s some kind of job day at their school and whether I wanna join it. I think that's great and agreed immediately. Last Wednesday I went to the opera house. It was a very special event just for invited guests – with a look behind the scene. We watched a rehearsal ...[mehr]

01.09.2011 15:00

As Fast as Lightning

Hi there, I hope you enjoyed the beautiful days of late summer that are just passing by now. I think it’s wonderful to see how the leaves slowly turn red. It is most impressive when I look out of the window in the morning still half asleep and then see the combination of the light blue sky and the rays of the rising sun on the reddish leaves. It’s nice to feel autumn again. :-) But in some regions it’s quite different as I was told yesterday. In ...[mehr]