Welcome to friends

With us you keep focussed on your aims

We are a young and well-attuned team - full of energy, charm and strength. Together we are the BASS Unternehmensservice GmbH.

We are more than a normal service provider - we are a friend, a personal assistant, partner and guardian angel. Gladly we provide you with our expertise, our personality and our knowhow. We accompany you with heart and humanity where you wish our company. We support you and take every care that you can concentrate on the essence of your work. We take those things off you which shatter your nerves.

Please contact us and you will be surprised.


Foreign Professionals

To foreign professionals

Challenges, Integration and Support

There is a lot to keep in mind and take care of when hiring new and especially foreign professionals. We help you in taking these steps towards a long-lasting and sustainable partnership - as a relocation service, an integration partner, a cultural translator or language teacher.

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